University Research Project 4- An investigation into the effect of surface wetting and deep soil penetrating surfactants on populations of Poa annua L., Festuca rubra agg. and Agrostis spp. agg. in a fine turf sward.


Both the aesthetic and playing qualities of golf greens, and the resistance of the sward to drought are determined principally by having dominant sward composition of the desirable perennial grasses Festuca rubra and Agostis spp. The grass Poa annua is also nearly always present but considered undesirable due to several negative attributes including poor tolerance to drought stress. Nevertheless, its presence is tolerated and often accepted as current turf maintenance practices are not capable of removing it from the sward completely. P. annua will typically compromise a significant part of the sward and without it there would often be no usable grass playing surface for the game of golf.

Three surfactants formulations were compared for effects on their ability to modify populations of Festuca rubra / Agrostis spp. and P. annuain a fine turf sward on a chipping green in SW Scotland. The overall aim was to create a predominantly F. rubra / Agrostis spp. Sward resistant to drought and to present a quality playing surface.

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